John Robert Still is a husband, godfather, friend, and lawyer. He loves good food, good wine, and even better cigars (he grows and rolls his own). When not fumbling with new hobbies, beekeeping being the latest, look for him in the kitchen cooking jambalaya and other Cajun/Creole dishes or in New Orleans eating them. He resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with his wife, Sherly, and dog, Georgie.



Jim Hampton arrived in New Orleans, eager to escape the stress of quitting a lucrative law practice. Instead, he finds a city on edge as a tropical depression brews in the Gulf. The storm appears to be dredging up the odd and unusual like shells from the ocean floor. Shadowy figures appear in alleyways; mysterious voices seem to come from nowhere. Jim is skeptical of the locals’ claims that these are warnings from victims of past storms. He had all but given up on belief in the supernatural. That is until he meets Myriam, who begins to restore the faith of his childhood. As the storm-turned-hurricane bears down on the city, Jim relies on that faith to counter a murderous cult chasing him through the darkest corners of the French Quarter. After a twisted journey of terror and revelation, Jim makes discoveries that will change his life forever.


This is my eighth year of growing cigar tobacco from seed. What started out as a curiosity, just to see if I could do it, ended up in a stockpile of cured tobacco, which needs to be rolled. My rolling skills have improved but nowhere near what the pros can do. It’s an art form but must be functional. What I’ve rolled may look good, but they don’t smoke as good simply because I haven’t gotten down the technique, which affects the draw and burn.

This is my third year of keeping bees. I use the Flow Hive, which allows you to turn a key and let honey flow straight to the jar. No placing frames in a honey extractor. While honey collection may be easier with the Flow Hive, you still have to routinely inspect the hives for a variety of pests, including small hive beetles and varroa mites, plus other threats to the hive of which there are many. And they may just up and leave the hive, called absconding, or swarm on you, where about half the hive takes off for a roomier home. It has been a learning experience, that’s for sure!


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